Condensing CDs

I will return to the paper organization update. Yes, I emptied the baskets! The papers are all in file folders.

But, today, I want to show you what I did with our CDs.

I went from this:


To this:


Using this:Photobucket

The plastic CD cases take up so much room.  I bought a storage folder for CDs.  I took out the cover artwork of each CD and slipped it into the sleeve.  Then, I slipped the CD in front of the cover.  I kept the cases and put them into a large box for safekeepking.  That box will go into the attic.  Maybe someday, I’ll pitch the plastic.

But, for now, we have a stereo cabinet that is no longer a strain to look at.

I sorted the CD’s by category – kids, classical, soundracks, Christian contemporary, worship, etc.  I didn’t get too picky about how I slipped them into each category.  You could alphebetize, but then if you later found a CD, you’d have to move them all to get the new one in the right place.  I just want it usable, not perfect.

Small project, big impact.

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Tackling Paper Clutter

On the agenda:  Tackling my mountain o’ paper:

paper mountain

It is hard to be organized when you keep adding paper to your piles. 

So, that is my first project – sorting and filing my basket of accumulated paper.

The next post will walk you through the steps I took to eliminate the pile. 

If you want to join me, you will need to get some file folders and hanging files.  Don’t get hung up on perfection.  It can be motivating to have pretty office supplies.  But, don’t let a lack of pretty tools keep you from getting started!  If you have some plain, ugly folders at home, use what you have.  If you don’t have any, you are allowed to buy pretty folders. 

The important thing is to start

So, grab those folders, collect all your stray papers, and come back tomorrow as we dig in to the paper mountain!

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The Beginning

I am a naturally unorganized person who aspires to be an organized one.   It is an ongoing process.  This is where I will write about the steps I take to become more orderly in my home. 

Some ideas will work.  Others won’t.  But, I’ll learn along the way, and share the process with you.  Thanks for joining me.

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